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Vice US / AUS : Link

Steadfast Magazine : Link

Phroom Magazine : Link

Noice Magazine Issue 3 Vol 2 : Link1 Link 2  

Altair Zine - January 21st 2016 Winter Exhibit : Link1 Link2 

Altair Zine - Issue IV Part 3 / 'College Ave' Mini Project :

Coloursound Festival x Altair Exhibit - March 24th - March 27th 2016 : Link1 Link2

A photo I shot for Never Young on The Fader : Link

Debris Magazine : Link

Minimalzine / One Year Anniversary : Link

Perdiz Magazine Issue 7 : Link

Meyba Shoes Barcelona : Link

Format Magazine '20 Photos from the New Generation of Suburban Photography'

Obscura Land Volume 2: Subjectively Objective :

Zine titled : "Into Open Airwaves" Published thru Pomegranate Press

"Alexander Mercadefe Photographs the Faces of a California Airshow" On Format Magazine 

In Conversation With Alexander Mercadefe On Photographic Bandwidth 

Diversions.mcslittlestories Curated by M&C Saatchi. " Riverside Airshow "

Weekly Takeovers :

Pomegranate Press

Justified Magazine 

Etc :

TBD Fest 2015 3 Day Event (Photo Team)

O' Tea Riverside

Extra Cheese Lookbook

Shot BTS for UNIF Clothing / Fathers new upcoming music video 'Heartthrob'

Shot BTS for Foreign Exchange 2018 in DTLA 

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