Alex Mercadefe

An untitled ongoing series of many visits with my brother at his group home and things that interest me on the way or around Woodcrest, CA. 2018-2019

A few days ago my mom and I went to go visit my brother Justin at his group home. This was the first time we saw him since February. We came to visit him and to talk about very good news about him living with my mom and I and to bring one of his favorite ice cream shakes to cheer him up. It was so hard for my mom and I to not be able to have any kind of close contact with him especially for my mom. I could see it in her eyes how hard it was not being able to kiss his face and hold him in her arms. After we said our goodbyes my brother waived with pure excitement and said “ I can’t wait to live with you and mom soon, I love you “ Woodcrest, California 2020

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